Our Experience

At the core of our practice is our specialist knowledge and advocacy. We defend at all stages of the criminal process from pre-charge, through the Magistrates’ Court, the Crown Court, the Court of Appeal, the High Court. Our wealth of experience and the breadth of our expertise make us the firm of choice in this field, at every level.

We offer recognised excellence and exceptional expertise

Our solicitors are frequently the first choice of those seeking to instruct the highest level of criminal law expertise and advocacy.

Our team provide legal and tactical advice and top class advocacy and bring a unique level of professionalism to their respective roles, providing exceptional client care from the start of a case through to its conclusion.

Our work encompasses the most serious, complex and high-profile criminal cases. These include amongst others: murder; terrorism; corruption; corporate manslaughter; serious sexual offences; serious organised crime (including major drugs and firearms conspiracies); people smuggling; armed robbery; theft & dishonesty related offences; offences against the person and damage to property and the full spectrum of offences.

We are routinely instructed in the highest profile cases from the outset; we are well placed to manage the tactical, evidential and practical issues that arise as a case progresses from its inception to conclusion. We are particularly adept at dealing with cases against individuals and professionals.

The Crown Court

An introduction to the Crown Court, the different roles within it and how a trial at the Court works.

The Magistrates’ Court

Introduction to the Magistrates’ Court and the roles of the people within it.

Lustitia Law – it attracts the most significant and substantial criminal instructions on defence side

Lustitia Law accepts instructions on both a private and legally-aided basis which are means tested.



We recognise that a wrongful conviction or sentence at any level can have a devastating impact on appellants and their families. Our solicitors represent clients in appeals across the full range of offences, from the relatively minor to homicides and terrorism. We advise and appear at all levels, from appeals against Magistrates’ Courts to the Crown Court, to appearing in the Court of Appeal, as well as drafting submissions to the Criminal Cases Review Commission. Our solicitors have additional expertise in judicial review and case stated appeals, and can advise on the appropriate method of challenging decisions falling within these areas.

Our cases frequently involve complex legal or evidential issues. We have built up a particular expertise in cases involving fresh evidence, often from forensic experts including DNA and firearms, and cases involving appellants with mental health issues.

For all our clients we can offer a “triage” service, where for an initial fixed fee preliminary advice can be obtained to determine whether or not there are any merits in pursuing an appeal.

Please call us to discuss your individual case.
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We can assist with fraud and white collar matters, Proceeds of Crime Act and Asset Forfeiture proceedings.

As soon as an operation becomes overt we can help by challenging search warrants, arrest, and detention.

Our solicitors fiercely protect the right of our clients to a fair trial.

We are instructed by individuals, as well as by companies and their directors and officers, to advise in a wide range of white collar crime and other fraud cases.

We are regularly instructed in major mortgage and insurance frauds, tax and VAT frauds, fraudulent trading schemes, money laundering and more.

We have particular experience of Proceeds of Crime litigation including restraint proceedings, criminal confiscation, and civil recovery.



The Proceeds of Crime Act reverses the rules for UK confiscation and puts the burden for much of the proceedings on the Defence. With the Prosecution utilising this draconian legislation, defendants are at risk of losing all their assets. It is vital that you get advice from the outset of your case with our experience and knowledge in defending this specialist field we can assist you and discuss all options, strategies available to you to implement and limit the damage limitation in your case so get in touch. Please call us to discuss your individual case.

We may instruct an expert forensic accountant if we deem that your case will be best suited for this option to advance the progress of your case.


The National Crime Agency has wide civil powers under the Proceeds of Crime Act to obtain Property Freezing Orders and to seek Civil Recovery Orders. These are High Court proceedings rather than being in the criminal courts, but our specialist lawyers can help you.

We can seek to vary or discharge Property Freezing Orders, and can oppose the making of Civil Recovery Orders, or work with you to negotiate a successful outcome with the NCA.