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Road Traffic Offences – Fee Guidance

Price Transparency Fee Motoring Offences


In compliance with the Solicitors Regulation Authority requirements, we confirm that our fees as set out below are considered by us to be fair and reasonable, having regard to the circumstance of the matter.  Once the details of the matter are better known we can assess if any additional factors, such as urgency, the complexity and importance of the matter are the skill required for its conduct, are likely to effect these fees.

Legal aid in not usually available for motoring matters but in most instances, we are able to take on cases on a fixed fee basis.


Fees charged for the following hearing type(s):

Hearing at the Magistrates Court guilty pleas.

Hearing at the Magistrates Court exceptional hardship.

Hearing at the Magistrates Court special reasons.

The Fees include the following:-

  • attendance and representation at the magistrates’ court hearing.
  • consideration of the evidence in the case.
  • attendance when providing advice in relation to plea.
  • Attendance when providing advice on likely sentence.
  • Attendance when taking instructions and mitigation.
  • Attendance when advising on appeal against sentence.


Fee for trial preparation: –

These fees will be charged at an hourly rate of £175-200 + VAT.

The fees depend upon the seniority of the solicitor dealing with the case.
In preparing for the trial will include the following: –
· considering the evidence in the case.
· taking instructions in the case.

  • attending on a witness if required in the case.
  • instructing experts if required in the case.
  • advice on the strength of the evidence in the case.
  • advice on sentence in the event of conviction.
  • advice on appeal against conviction and or sentence.
  • keeping you up to date in writing of the progress of your case.

Please note that all prices listed will be subject to VAT, and these estimates do not include additional disbursements such as barristers or experts fees. 

Trial Fees will be £750 + VAT for half a day.

Trial fee will be £1000 + VAT for a full day.

For courts other than Bradford Magistrates’ Court (BD1 1LA), travel time will be charged at a rate of £75 per hour + VAT. For all cases outside Bradford disbursements such as mileage and parking will
be charged in addition to preparation and hearing time. Mileage will be charged at the rate
of 45p per mile from our office (BD1 4PS), to the Court.



Fee Guidance

Offence If pleading guilty
Careless driving £500 + VAT = £600
Driving a vehicle whilst unfit to drive through drugs £500 + VAT = £600
Driving without insurance £500 + VAT = £600
Failing to Stop/Failing to report an accident £500 + VAT = £600
Driving – using a mobile £500 + VAT = £600
Driving whilst over the prescribed limit £500 + VAT = £600
Special Reason(s) £1200 + VAT = £1440
Speeding £500 + VAT = £600
Totting exceeding 12 point Exceptional Hardship £1200 + VAT = £1440

Trial fee pleading not guilty

Trial fee Court attendance:

·       £750 + VAT for half a day

·       £1000 + VAT for full day


Hourly rate for preparation £175-200 per hour + VAT.


All fees are to be paid in advance before the hearing. 

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