Lustitia Law offers road traffic law expertise at the highest level. We are committed to achieving the best outcome for every client.

Motoring and Driving defence solicitors

As part of our specialist criminal defence practice we are familiar with the complexities of the law regarding road traffic offences and we will guide you through the investigation and prosecution with clear and comprehensive advice, whether or not you are at fault.

We understand the consequences that a conviction for a road traffic offence may have on a person’s personal and professional life. We frequently deal with the most sensitive and difficult road traffic cases.

In an area of law that is highly technical, complex and often misunderstood, our solicitors will provide clear and precise advice, as well as expert and effective representation.

Advice & representation

Advice and representation are also provided in the less well known applications for reductions in disqualification periods prior to the end date (provided certain criteria are met and the disqualification period is for a period in excess of 2 years) and appeals against DVLA stand-alone decisions to revoke a person’s licence.

Why choose a motoring law solicitor from Lustitia Law?

Our motoring law solicitors are specialist defence advocates. As a preeminent firm of criminal defence solicitors, we have unrivalled experience of defending criminal prosecutions, including for road traffic offences. We analyse the evidence in each case and help clients to navigate the complexities of road traffic law. We quickly recognise the issues and identify the best strategy in your case.

Our clients range from business people, to private individuals, professional drivers and young people. Most of our road traffic clients have no experience of the criminal justice system and we strive in every case to provide a first class service.


Why do I need a motoring law solicitor?

Many clients are concerned about the impact of a conviction for a road-traffic offence. For example, drink driving is among the most common road traffic offences but is one of the few offences for which you can be sent to prison, receive a criminal conviction, and face mandatory disqualifiction from driving. A conviction can lead to the loss of employment and very high insurance premiums in the future. It is therefore essential to secure expert advice and representation at an early stage.

Our motoring law solicitors are experts in the preparation and presentation of your defence and will work to mitigate the consequences of criminal charges.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns, in the strictest confidence. To organise free initial observations from a solicitor about your case, speak to us on 01274 271505 or by email: